How long will you delay?

Over the years, I have had many experiences when I have made decisions on actions. Some people call it procrastination, other times I think it is wise discernment and many times the decision to delay something has been beneficial.

In the past couple years I have learned a very important thing when it comes to my decisions. When I get into a situation where something comes up and I have to make a decision. I have to really check my well-being. Meaning really counting the costs of the decisions I make.

Many times decisions come and go so fast that they don’t even matter.  Things such as grabbing a drinking glass or a cup for some water. No big deal, just preferences.

But there there are those other times. Usually they are a bit more personal. Or more vital. Check engine light on in the car. Squeaking sound from the automobile engine, a sore tooth,  an odd lump or sore muscle.  Those are the challenging situations.  I don’t know about you, but I get in that mode of trying to determine how long I can prolong certain activities. Like maybe if I hold how long enough, things will get better.

Have you ever driven your car with the check engine light on, and then keep hoping it will go off. Then when it does you just pretend that it never came on. We tend to do that in our lives in other areas.  That referral from the doctor to go to a specialist to get some additional tests run.  We leave and feel fine, and just pretend that whole conversation with our doctor never happened.

What I have come to believe is a foundational statement I now hold tightly….

Until your pain exceeds your pride, you will continue to do what you are doing and not change

Meaning I will attempt to get away with not doing something as long as there are no consequences.  Once the consequences are more painful than the cost of ignoring the situation, they are worth considering. Take the engine light for example. If the car seems to run fine and not make any noise, I many just think that the problem with my car is that the light is defective. Until I find out that my gas mileage has plummeted and I can’t go over 45 miles an hour.  Now I know something is wrong and I realize that I better get this car to a shop before more costly things may occur.

What would be worse? Mauled by bear or jump off cliff? Decision, decisions, decisions...

What would be worse? Mauled by bear or jump off cliff? Decision, decisions, decisions…

Sore tooth, bad cough, you know what I am talking about. Until that pain exceeds our pride, we will attempt to ignore the decision that needs to be made.  That is life in general isn’t it?

I can also remember some integrity, character issues that also fall into this conversation.  I can remember in my 20’s that I was a habitual liar. Boy I lied about lying.  Then as people find out about my ways it began to take its toil. People would not deal with me.  I couldn’t keep a job, friends or be around family.  There was a time to come clean. I could not hide my ways and keep lying.  My pride had to be defeated.  To do that, it usually takes a lot of pain.

Well, now I don’t like pain. Maybe it is old age, but it is not something I desire.  So now to minimize the pain in my life I have really worked on minimizing my pride.  Take for example about the car.  I proactively take the car in to get it serviced, even without the light coming on.  I periodically go to the doctor to get check-ups, without having any emergency or pain that needs attention.  I lower my pride and arrogance and then decisions are not that painful.

In summary, if you find yourself in situations where there is a lot of pain and struggle in your life, look to some of your actions and decisions. It just might be that you are trying to be the little man behind the curtain and control your life, hence increasing your pride.  Break down that pride, humble yourself and minimize your pain. You will appreciate it.

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