Childhood of Moses

I was reading in the first part of Exodus and it describes the birth and environment that Moses was born into. It was not a safe and relaxing environment, to say the least.

The times when Moses was born, the pharaoh of Egypt as the time had a major attitude problem with the Hebrews and had established a mandate to minimize the population by killing all male born children. During this time his mother launches Moses in a basket and sends him downstream, seeking safety.

Turns out that the pharaoh’s daughter ends up getting the youth and works through the details of having a new born and Moses is raised in a palace.  I wanted to share an interesting perspective that I had never noticed before.

The account of Moses’ remarkable deliverance in infancy foreshadows the deliverance from Egypt that God would later effect through him.

Moses was born a child of the oppressed, saved by means of an ark (basket) from the watery death decreed by the pharaoh and was allowed to grow to maturity in the pharaoh’s court. Thus, Moses’ early life paralleled in fundamental ways  the life of Israel in Egypt, even as it contained also foreshadowing of things to come.

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