Guidance and direction

Children as well as many adults desperately need mature individuals for guidance. They need direction and assistance from those of us who have already walked down some of the road.

A good guide is priceless

If you hiked through the mountains, it would be far easier, less dangerous, and more fulfilling to have an experienced guide lead you. The guide would show you features that you would normally miss and would warn you about difficult parts of your journey. That’s what everyone really needs.

People also need to learn from our mistakes and our past pain. They can learn from their own experiences, but they can also avoid a lot of unnecessary pain by learning from our experiences. It’s wiser and faster to learn from the experiences of others. God never wants us to waste our mistakes and hurts. He wants you to use them to help others. When we see others go down a path we personally know is a dead end, we need to speak up! It’s the loving thing to do.

Even if you’re not a parent, kids need you in their lives, and you need them! Kids teach us to think of others and be less self-centered. You will teach them, but they will also teach you in many ways. For instance, you can teach them self-control and they can teach you spontaneity and creativity. Are there any children in your life that you are helping?

Also remember not to always limit your insights, and interactions with the physical children. We must remember that there are many spiritual children around us as well. There might even be an older person in your life that does not have the experiences you have had in Christianity. Don’t get fooled that you cannot reach out to older people in love and compassion.

Also, in this same fashion, be willing to take some feedback and listen to others. Whether they are older than you or younger than you. God just might be using someone to talk to you. Receive the feedback and then pray and discern with the Holy Spirit if there is action to take. Remember that the Holy Spirit will never oppose the Words of God in the Bible. If they align with feedback, I strongly urge you to consider the feedback. Get with your discipleship partner and work through it.

Grace and peace to you!

This was leveraged and expounded upon from a YouVersion devotional from 365 Day Devotional with Rick Warren. No profit or credit for the content is intended. All honor, credit and glory to God.

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