Pleasure and rebellion

Ingratitude, a complex word that is not used very much in America these days, rather we tend to use the term ungrateful. I was reading this morning about the Israelites and how they would worship false gods and idols, which resulted in them displaying ingratitude.

Specifically it was pointed out the worship of the Canaanite rain god, Baal. I never knew what kind of god it was, but it turns out when there was a drought or famine, which happened frequently, the Jews would repeatedly turn to Baal for help instead of turning to The Lord (see 1 Kings 18-19).
Now that is actually a form of idolatry, putting something before The Lord.

What caught my attention was how the Jews would believe Baal made it rain and would offer Pagan worship to this god when it rained, when in reality God made it rain and Baal received credit.

How this unfolded for me was that it is God who gives us power to earn wealth and enjoy the blessings of life (1 Timothy 6:17), and we should thank Him and acknowledge His goodness.

What wickedness it is to take the gifts of God and use them to worship false gods!

I reflect how many times I took the gifts from God, such as my money and physical health and just turned that over to worldly idolatry of drugs, alcohol and sex, not even thinking about the idea that I was taking the gifts of God and throwing them down in front of worldly sin, justifying it by saying I had deserved some pay back, that I was owed some pleasure.

Pleasure and rebellion are two, totally different things!

71563792 Sulky TeenagerThink about how you feel when you help someone out and they turn right to the enemy or source that got them into the predicament they were in. Sure irritates me in those cases. How does it make God feel when I do the same thing in different ways? I think my character fault in the past is creating a double standard. Now that is something to work on.

This gets to the condition of mind with how appreciative we are for what God has done for us and continues to do.  There are a vast array of things that are out of my control but I am so grateful for.  I have been in such bad situations in the past and I have been delivered from them. Much like how the Israelites were delivered from the Egyptians when the went through the Red Sea.

I am grateful that each day I am given a new opportunity to live a new day.  I have come to a point where I know I cannot generate one more day, hour or minute in my life. Each breath is a gift.  All of us only have so many breaths in our lifetime.  How are we using them? Are we grateful? Are we living life to the fullest? Are we allowing life to be all it can be?

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