How much do you give?

The grand old discussion has been how much tithing do we give.  This is generally focused on money, but I would like to share some insight. I believe it is also related to our time. Many of us have come to the conclusion that “time is money”.  We also know that to have a relationship, we need to invest time with that person and engage in understanding and learning.  This is also so very true with our relationship with Jesus.

We seem to have this urge to always call out and expect Him to be there for us, and He is. We always want the good things to happen to us and when we experience challenging things we think we have been abandoned, but we have not.  I did a bible study last year where we looked at really how much time we invest in our most important relationship, and I have shared that below.

There are 168 hours in a week.  The following activities are calculated for you to pick your activities and see what you come up with…

Sunday Church service 2 hours 1.19%
Sunday bible study 1 hour 0.6%
Mid-week bible study 2 hours 1.19%
Daily quite time 7 hours 4.17%

As you can see, we can take a lot of effort to spend time with our Lord, but how much is it really? This is not to rank or judge people, but to give a real truthful look at how we spend our time. It could be very surprising how much time we think we spend, but do not.

The open secret of many “Bible-believing” churches is that only a very small percentage of their members study the Bible with even the degree of interest, intelligence or joy that bring to bear upon their favorite newspaper or magazine. – Dallas Willard “Hearing God”

Willard hits on such an active thought. If people were only so enthusiastic about their fate and future as they are with things of this world.  People spend countless hours watching TV, following sporting teams and activities that do not have a direct relationship with what really matters.  This article is only about time, and we could go on for quite a while reflecting on how much money people spend on their hobbies and sporting teams.

Hopefully these simple facts will let you assess where you are and give you the information you need to make the decisions in your life that make a difference and not have the excuse that we did not realize.

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