Is that a horse?

I was reminded this week about the historical event where the Greeks were losing a 10 year battle against that Trojans.  In a sneaky fashion, the Greeks built a huge wooden horse and then put an elite group of warriors in the horse and pretended to retreat and run away.  The Trojan forces, thinking they had defeated the Greeks, actually pulled the wooden horse into the city of Troy as a victory symbol.

Unbeknown to them, that night the Greek military returned to the outer gates of Troy, the special forces inside the horse came out and opened the gates to Troy and the Greeks conquered the city of Troy.

What this visually reminds me of is how I can believe I have a victory of something in my life, and even have remnants and trophies of the defeat, but is this a wise practice. I know in my past I have held on to things with the idea that they are not harmful, or that they are just a memory.  But in actuality, there is no benefit to them still being in my life.  The reminder that I justify, no longer changes me, the experience and change from the event has taken place. I essentially leave that wooden horse in my life with the potential to haunt me. It has the ability to bring up negative emotions, it could bring back memories that I have worked so hard to let go. So then why do I allow this wooden horse to come inside my walls?

Let us be aware of our actions and practices. Let us be diligent in keeping our house in order. If we are hoarding and keeping things just for the heck of it, let us examine our ways. Let us keep our life healthy and free of any wooden horses that could be destructive and dangerous in our lives.  What is the true motivation to keeping the things we keep?

Be aware, be careful, do what you need to do to protect you, your family and friends. Remember…

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. – John 10:10

Let us remember, the Trojans thought they were victorious and brought that trophy right in and in the end, it was the fall of Troy. We too can be treading in the same thought patterns….

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