Don’t go there

For years I thought it was just rebellion, but reading a book on social behavior I ran across a word that described many of my actions in the past. The word is “bacchanalia”.  The word is named after a pagan god named Bacchus, who was the god of grape and wine.  The sponsored and promoted bacchanalia, which is an orgiastic feast involving gluttony and unbridled sexual behavior.  Participants set out to get drunk to silence pangs of conscience so they could engage in unbridled sin.

That is a scary thought, but I must admit, I did live that way years ago. I was in the belief that if I got intoxicated then sinning was alright. I knew the consequences were not right, but my conscience was silenced and I felt like I got away with my behavior.  When all I really did was get my conscience drunk to the point where it could not even babble to me.

In contrast to this frame of mind and approach to life, we are not to make or provide opportunities for sin.  An old country preacher said that if we desire to overcome drunkenness, we best not tie our horse to the post in front of the saloon.  Another pastor used the analogy that if we have a problem drinking, we probably should not go to the bar to eat peanuts.

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