What’s to come

We are just days away from a lifetime adventure. A group of us are coming together to step in faith, by showing our appreciation to our Lord by loving His children.

As I sit here typing this, pile of VBS supplies, clothes and empty luggage fill a corner of the room. Just like a kitchen equipped and filled with ingredients, we anticipate what might be produced, but our imagination is not grand enough.

We sit on one side of the river and count the cost of the trip, spending our vacation time, sacrificing other options, with anticipation of what we might see, what we might learn, and what we might share. Deep down we go with a desire that our efforts will not be in vain, but glorious with memories chiseled out for us and those we come in contact with, but our faith will lead us through.

On the other side of the river, there are discussions about some visitors coming. The expectations and presumptions are set by past experiences. How tall will they be? Will they speak with funny accents? Will they be funny and like to play like the last people or will they be all reserved and serious?

We don’t know what friendships will be formed or enhanced on the trip at this point, but we sit with anticipation, like the week leading up to Christmas, staring at the Christmas tree with all it’s gifts, wondering in awe what is to come, what the gift is we will receive, as well as our heart’s desire that the gift we bring will be a blessing.

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Grace and peace….

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  1. Judy Buchanan

    Safe travels for you all. Expect many blessings! Judy Buchanan

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