A day of rest

Ox cartsWe awoke to a Costa Rican rooster, but it was like none we had ever heard.  If nothing else, the laughter that it churned in us before dawn was a great way to start our attitudes.  One of the biggest chuckles of the morning was the heroic event that took place in one of the rooms last night.

It started with a knock on my door after everyone had settled down for the evening.  The urgency was that it was reported that there was a bat in the girls room.  My first reaction was “just move to another room”. Then the Holy Spirit convicted me and I was reminded that I was there to lead and protect. So up I went on a journey to get a bat. I remember having bats in our barn as a kid, but honestly, I had no idea where to begin except to take a towel and throw it over the bat, then figure something out. Well, it started out as a good idea, ended up with a broken chair, a humiliated hero and a dead moth. The laughs went on for hours and the spirit was full.

After breakfast we headed out in the bus for a church up on the side of a volcano. It is a church that was started by a traveling shoe salesman that was journeying through the area and was led to  start a church to reach the farming community on the side of the hill. We were blessed with a very odd festival and celebration involving the agricultural ox carts.  This area still uses ox carts to do most of its farming and a couple times a year they have a celebration and show off the decorated ox carts.

Will FairclothThe church was small in size and population but not in spirit. The music and message, brought by Will himself, was all in Spanish. Not many of us are fluent in Spanish so we were just being led by common words and Will’s message notes provided to us in English. His message was on Acts and the Holy Spirit, which turned out to be quite appropriate for our team in this moment.  Will explained that many of the locals can get to the concept of a Holy Spirit, but limited it to a personal situation.  They are not fully aware of the objective and goal of the Holy Spirit to gather and encourage the body of His church for His glory. Not for selfish ambitions.

There was a very emotional time when a young man went forward and rededicated his life. The entire congregation erupted in prayer and praise. Many of us could not tell what was going on, but the Spirit interceded and we were drawn right into the situation with joy.

Marshall & EllaA very special moment also came when the church offered little candy rabbits to all students returning to school. (local school starts Monday). So all our youth that were going back to school were included in the blessing.

Afterwards we went to a nice lunch then some shopping as our day of Sabbath winded down. We got back and relaxed and planned for our first day of construction and VBS. Our devotionals led us through some great discussions of culture differences and behaviors and a lot of God moments that have already made the trip special in many ways.


We will keep you posted, and I am sure there will be many more

Sanchiri for lunch


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