On to the children’s home

We had a wonderful start to the work week. We really could not ask for better weather. The temperatures were around 70 degrees and a light breeze. We got a nice tour and overview of the facility.  We jumped right in and started digging trenches for the multi-purpose building. Because the work site was at nearly 5,000 feet on the side of a volcano, the soil is just rich and very soft.  There was a new trench that needed to be broken and it had about 2 feed of hard ground, but after we got down is was just a matter of throwing dirt.

Arriving at Children's Home in Coronado, Costa Rica


There was also cabinetry being completed for the boy’s home, this ranged from book shelves, to cabinets.  Each home is very well constructed, and the completion of the homes made the labor seem easier, knowing what the final result was going to be. I think it would be very difficult digging foundations by hand and not knowing how it would turn out.


We also had a blessing of spending time with some of the kids doing crafts and playing games.  The children are very precious and yet so very energetic to play, laugh and have discussions and relationships with others.  There was no real reservations that they seemed to exhibit, and the time we spent with them seemed to fly by.

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One of the great statements that was made during our devotional tonight was, “as great as it was to play with the kids today, we have to realize they those kids would not be there if there was no effort in building the homes”. We were all very appreciative of the team effort and love that was pour out. So tonight we rest and tend to our blisters with desires to see more of God poured out on us and the kids.

Buenos Noches!


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  1. Billy Gross

    Thanks for the updates and the pictures! Sure seems like you guys are having a rich time. Strength, joy, love, and patience to you all. May God’s love and gospel flow. Greet Becca for Melanie and me.

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