Labor of love

Well, we have had a lot time to laugh and hang out, but today the team showed such great teamwork and great spirit. It was our first full day of work. We got to the site early and broke into two teams. One bunch went and started working on pouring cement walls and the others grabbed shovels and picks and headed to the trenches….

A majority of the work is done by hand. There is a a cement mixer and a mini bobcat with a bucket on front, but the majority of the work is done with shovels, picks and buckets.  The hard labor, that few of us are accustom to, did not deter our team from progressing His work.

There are two construction men that help direct the work force, Henry and Junior.  Much of their knowledge and skill is keeping the gringos digging in the right place, mixing the right ingredients, and remaining safe, but productive. Much of our biggest barrier was still the language. There are not too many apps or instructions that we practiced that included all the words and questions we had on the work site.


Lauren filling cement, with the strawberry farm behind and the volcano off in the distance.

Even after hours of lugging buckets of cement the team was always joyful and enthusiastic and of course, playful. This attitude just made the hours go by faster.  I cannot recall a specific time when any of the team got upset, mad, angry or just flat out irrated. Through blisters, sore muscles and a variety of difficulties the team was a great example of the body of Christ coming together for His purpose.

After a few hours of work, we had a grand opportunity to spend some time with the children. We did our skit and we did a couple of crafts.  The blessing was just being around the children and seeing their pleasant demeanor.  So many times in our own lives we are abandoned and our hearts get broken time and time again. Much empathy and compassion was experienced and shared as we knew the years ahead of these children were not going to be easy, but they were going to be better with the help of the Children’s home.

More work tomorrow and we had to Los Guido and very impovirshed area where we are to facilitate VBS to 100 or so kids. Grace and peace to all.






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