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It was a day of trenches. We started a new one, continued on the one we started Tuesday, and hit some final details on the first one. Once again, everyone jumped right in. It was a much cooler day and we had misty rain on and off all morning.

One of the unique opportunities we had was to share, my wife, Joni’s birthday.  It was very special because it was a total surprise and all the children from the home came up and share with us.

After an afternoon of muddy work we got to play some more with the children from the home and then we headed to Los Guido. Los Guido is a community in need. The people live in a community that is essentially squatted. People build their one little homes and just get by how they can.  The church has been here for years, the pastor is a graduate of the Methodist seminary and has been building the principles with dedication. The children flock to the church when they know that there is going to be a program or activities going on.

Today, when we arrived, Will was greeted like a celebrity, and so were we. Dozens were lined up to welcome us and all they really wanted was some attention. I am sure the snacks helped, but most of the interactions were about acceptance and inclusion.  Our team put on a skit about Jesus wanting the children to come to him. It fit in well and Will even expanded the notion wider to the children encouraging them to seek Jesus. He is available, but they need to come to him.  There was approximately 120 children and all of were blessed in ways that seemed to take away all the body pains of digging ditches.



One more day of construction work and involvement at the home. Of course many would not be heartbroken to not pick up a shovel, but there is a tearing of the heart knowing tomorrow will be our last day with the children at the home.


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  1. Billy Gross

    Great pics. Thanks for sharing and thanks for serving in the trenches and loving on los ninos! I celebrate the kingdom of God coming through you all, Billy

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