Let it go

There are many things in life that we just ignore. We pretend things did not happen. We declare things don’t bother us. We know internally that they irritated us, that we were offended and/or we will not let that happen again.

One thing adds to another and before we know it, we are weighted down. Much like the branches of a tree in snow country.

Each branch can bear the weight of some snow, but after it builds up it can be restraining. The weight becomes heavy and it actually gets to a point where the branches begin to droop. They bend and actually begin to lose their definitions.

It is not until the weight reaches a tolerance point where the the snow conquers the branch and the snow gives way and falls off. Then the branch rebounds and lifts back up. That is just like us. We carry weight in life that weighs us down and we lose our definition. We actually take on the definition of the weight we carry.

For a happier, healthier life, let us pay attention and drop the load before it weighs us down and we expend so much unnecessary energy to survive the blizzard of life. Let us shake of the weight that holds us down.

Rejoice and release!!

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