A thankful morning

I don’t know about you, but I have never spent Thanksgiving morning in a hotel. This being the first, has expanded my view on life. Thanksgiving mornings had always been a time of calm, quite and displacement. The kitchen was always a focus of dinner, and not a place for breakfast. It was usually, grab a donut, fruit or something and get out of the kitchen.
As I went down to the lobby this morning to get a cup of coffee, I was appalled  at the number of people, the carnage, disaster, and messy minefield that laid before me.

I knew there were a lot of rooms in the hotel, but did not imagine breakfast for all. Most of the times people do not stay at the economy hotels for the continental breakfast, but on Thanksgiving morning there are not many options. Most traveling families are really not expected to arrive at the hosts home for breakfast, but hungry children do not just fast and hope for turkey.

If the first trip down for coffee was an eye opener, the second was in sadness. There was a mess on every table, there was empty coffee pots, the creamer was empty, the napkins were out, there was sticky syrup in places in that syrup should not be, and the poor hostess was nowhere to be found.

We had gotten a info bulletin that had asked if we could cooperate and have minimum room service today, to allow the staff to get off early to spend time with their families on Thanksgiving, and I did not even imagine the breakfast staff.

I could just see me as a first time manager of a hotel and not taking into account the whole concept of Thanksgiving morning in a hotel with most of the people expecting a full breakfast when all I would be doing is putting out a couple strips of bacon, and cold biscuits…. guess I have a lot to learn.

This Thanksgiving has given me a new perspective and appreciation for service staff. I feel like I have always had a heart for people in the service industry, but once again, when I open my eyes to the bigger picture, I see more of the pieces.  My you have a wonderful holiday season and take some time to slow down and cherish the moments.

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