There is more to it

badputtThe challenging part of life is like many experiences we have. There is a bigger full picture that just seems to catch us off guard.  Like in a golf game, when I begin to focus on my tee shot and it begins to improve, my chipping and putting game down the tank. When I then shift my energy on my putting and chipping, my fairway shots don’t get in any grass shorter than my ankle.

In my personal life I can get really good at focusing on areas of my life that need some attention and can be better. Areas that I have been slacking in, not giving my all.  As I focus on those areas, they tend to improve. I get encouraged and continue to invest in those areas. As time goes along, that area of my life might even begin to look good. I can rest in the fact that good things are going on, but there is a looming truth that I can easily ignore, avoid and let slip right by.

halfdead-treeThere is a 360 degree perspective of life. Not just one aspect. At this stage in my life I have some healthy characteristics and things a lot better than they were. My past has driven me to learn and study many things in life. To have the skill to investigate, discover and grow mentally, but in this season of my life, I back up and take note. There has been many areas in my life that I have neglected. I have proudly nurtured and tended to some aspects, but have really abandoned many others.

The have a full, healthy life, there needs to be balance. There needs to be a wholeness that benefits the whole.  Just like the half-alive tree. It is really feasible to continue to usher people to one side of our life for the good view with desires to prove we are okay? When we know that if the person just peeked to the other side, they would be devastated with what they see.

The beauty is that with the help of the true master gardener, the deadness can be transformed into vibrancy once again. It is not simple, and it will take work. There may be pruning and clearing away that needs to happen, but in the end, He makes all things new. Let’s see what he can do with the rest of us!

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