Am I ?

The challenges of life are racked up frame after frame. Ready the challenge who I am, regardless of my last attempt. It is like an endless night at the bowling alley. My hopes and determination start of strong and I have confidence in a victorious evening. Then frame after frame, missed shot after missed shot. Complacency begins to rise. Why is that?

I begin to see just how much I do not measure up to my own expectations. I lose count of all the ones I could have got if I would have just done….

The next frame is racked up and there is no compassion or remorse about how hard I am trying and how things are just not working out. Yet, I am given another opportunity. The challenge is when I seek after victory in my accomplishments.  Even if I hit that pocket with an exploding shot, the pins are quickly reset, and the challenge of “oh yeah! Try that again!” It is a losing battle

In this emotional challenge (read previous posts about emotions, compassion and opportunities), I find that it is not the pursuit of perfection that is going to provide me life to the full, but allowing the experience of life to generate who I am. I am not referring to live with reckless abandon, but to life a bold life in Christ. To learn, live and grow with him. Some of my personal challenges laid out before me this past week…

  • Am I am willing to sound dumb…?
  • Am I am willing to be wrong… ?
  • Am I am willing to be passionate about something that isn’t perceived as ‘cool’… ?
  • Am I am willing to express a theory… ?
  • Am I am willing to admit I am afraid… ?
  • Am I am willing to contradict something I have said before… ?
  • Am I willing to have a knee-jerk reaction, even a wrong one… ?
  • Am I am willing to apologize… ?
  • Am I perfectly willing to be perfectly human… ?

How about you? Some of them might be pretty simple for you. Many of them might be an action that you have grasped and it as opened up other areas in your life. What ever the situation. These thoughts and actions will do one thing, they will not leave you the way you are…

More to come on this life challenge…

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