His will and persecution

This past week seemed at first to be no different than many of the past.  Work was intense, co-workers provided opportunities for me to take the road less traveled and in most part, I did ok.

It was Thursday night when I was at a church function that a mysterious moment occurred. I had been in many situations similar to this one, but for a purpose, this one showed me much more of the reason behind it.

A fellow member was in the parking lot getting a tongue lashing from another. You may have been in those situations yourself, when you feel you should just shy away and let them work it out.  Not wanting to be holier than thou, as if we were that much better. The incident continued for a while, actually a really long while.

With a sudden urge, I was lead to the middle of the one-way discussion. I was injected right into the faces of these two men I knew. One was extremely irate and casting out statements of how the other did not deliver on promises. How the one man had offered to help and did not follow through.  How he had let the other man down, how he was a hypocrite. The assault continued and statements of how false the individual was and how he should be ashamed for thinking he was a Christian.

As I glanced at the target of these insults, the man was standing with lips tight, eyes focused. There was no rage boiling. Just a meek acceptance of the others proclamations.  I had seen situations before where each person justifies their actions and makes excuses and claims against each other, with no real conclusion.  This was not the case. The man stood there and took the input of the other as a true reflection of the man’s feelings. The man may have promised help and may not, I don’t know. The man may have tried and not been able to deliver as originally intended, but I do not know.

What I did get out of the moment was two things:

  1. When a person rests all there hopes, dreams and needs on anyone on this earth, they are asking for trouble.The man that was so angry and hurt by not getting what was promised got what he deserved.  He was in a circumstance that God allowed to happen for reasons unknown to us. But rather than turning to the one that can provide and asking how to get out of the situation, the man turned to another man and relied on the efforts of another. Getting help is fine, but getting mad because another did not deliver for you is quite childish.  As it states in James chapter 1, we will have tests in this world that will allow us to become more mature.  We will be able to learn and grow and cherish the challenges we are faced with, knowing that we are never alone. That our God is with us, no matter what. This is a journey, not a destination.
  2. The attack on us, when we are attempting to do well is predicted.  We know that we can not do everything. With compassion we try to help others. We will never be a savior. We should never attempt to be. In John 15:20, Jesus warns us:Do you remember what I told you? ‘A slave is not greater than the master.’ Since they persecuted me, naturally they will persecute you.

I got home that night and had some very special moments to reflect.  What was placed before me was a test as described to allow myself to mature.  I did not handle it perfect and next time, I will have been ideas of improving, but it was evident that the situation was a bigger story that I was only a part of.  Life begins to be a fantasy as the colors of this world tend to play out more scripture day by day.  It is a mystery and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring except that our God will be there waiting to go out and experience an adventure with us.

It is going to be a great day!

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