CR Small Groups

When you go to Celebrate Recovery meetings, you will have worship and either a testimony or a lesson, followed by what is referred to as “Small Groups”. The small groups are gender specific and provide a safe place to work through whatever your hurts habits and hang-ups may be.

Celebrate Recovery Small Groups WILL:

  • Provide you with a safe place to share your experiences, victories, and hopes with others who are going through a Christ-centered recovery.
  • Provide you with a facilitator who has gone through a similar hurt, habit or hang-up who will facilitate the group as it focuses on a particular principle each week.  The leader will also keep Celebrate Recovery’s “Five Small Group Guidelines” (see below)
  • Provide you with the opportunity to find an accountability partner or a sponsor.
  • Connect you with people that want to get better and get you connected with a step study.
  • Encourage you to attend other recovery meetings held throughout the week.

Celebrate Recovery Small Groups WILL NOT:

  • Attempt to offer any professional clinical advice.  Our leaders are not counselors.
  • Allow its members to attempt to “fix” one another.

Five Small Group Guidelines

  1. Keep your sharing focused on your own thoughts, feelings.
  2. Please limit your sharing to 3-5 minutes. There is NO cross talk, please.  Cross talk is when two people engage in a dialogue during the meeting.
  3. Each person is free to express feelings without interruptions.  We are here to support one another.  We will not attempt of “fix” another.
  4. Anonymity and Confidentiality are basic requirements.  What’s shared in the group stays in the group.  The only exception is when someone threatens to injure themselves or others.
  5. Offensive language has no place in a Christ-centered recovery group, including no graphic descriptions.

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